Garage Door Safety Month

May is Garage Door Safety Month!

Garage Door Safety Tips from the experts at Raynor Door Authority:

  • Inspect cables, panels, springs and rollers for wear
  • Do not attempt to remove, adjust or repair anything related to the spring system; these parts are under high tension and can cause serious injury or death – THEY SHOULD ONLY BE REPAIRED BY A TRAINED GARAGE DOOR PROFESSIONAL
  • The door should open and close smoothly with no grinding or scraping sounds
  • Make sure the garage door opener control station is kept out of reach of children and do not let them play with remote controls
  • Never place fingers between door sections – ALWAYS KEEP HANDS AND FINGERS CLEAR OF A MOVING DOOR
  • If a garage door is left open, be aware that it may travel downward and encounter an object in its path
  • To prevent theft from your garage, keep garage doors closed, especially at night
  • Consider your door’s remote control as a key to your home:  If you park a vehicle outdoors, be sure that the remote control is locked away or out of sight.
  • The garage door is largest moving object in the home and is often the main entry point for your home
  • Garage Door Safety Month is an ideal time to perform a periodic safety inspection of your garage door, especially those with automatic openers, so contact us today

Keep your family safe with these simple tips:

  1. Inspect cables, panels, springs and rollers
  2. Verify garage door control station and remote controls are out of reach of children
  3. Contact us for more safety information or click below to schedule your garage door service