Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panels

Blue Genius™ Gold Series Touch Control Panels control standalone dock levelers (Gold Series I) vehicle restraints (Gold Series II)  and dock equipment combinations (Gold Series III) . Its features include onboard diagnostics, touch-sensitive function buttons and keypad, and a STOP button that can halt the deck, lip, and / or restraint in mid-travel.

With most dock controls, the box must be replaced to add equipment or change functions, resulting in expensive downtime. The Blue Genius™ Touch Control Panels are microprocessor-based, making the process is as simple as a software upgrade. The new equipment configuration is ready for use within minutes.


  • Interior and exterior LED lights communication system (Gold Series II and III, optional for Gold Series I)
  • An LCD menu screen displays equipment status as well as instructions for operating and troubleshooting
  • NEMA4X-rated polycarbonate enclosure is wet and corrosion-resistant, enabling installation in the wash-down zone and outdoor locations
  • Compatible with FDA-regulated operations, such as pharmaceutical and chemical handling locations