Bug Screen Doors

Bug screen doors create a comfortable work environment while cutting down on energy bills. Typical applications include loading bays, distribution centers, and warehouses.

By enabling a pest-free facility, Blue Giant bug screen doors can help food processing and pharmaceutical locations to meet FDA and AIB requirements.


  • Modular design: panels are interchangeable, enabling quick and easy repairs
  • Extruded aluminum wind bars: up to 50% stronger than other stiffeners to combat high winds and negative pressure
  • Breakaway bars: prevent the door from breaking if hit
  • Extruded aluminum guide tracks: reduce friction and prevent aluminum dust
  • Available movement mechanisms: in-tube motorized, manual spring-loaded, external jackshaft, and manual chain hoist

Different door sizes and mounting options are available to suit site requirements.

BSD-100 Spring-Loaded Manual Push-Down

  • Maximum door size: 12′ (3,658 mm) wide by 12′ high (3,658 mm)
  • Includes yellow pull down straps to bring the door up and down

BSD-200 Chain Hoist Manual Activation

  • Maximum door size: 14′ (4,627 mm) wide by 14′ (4,627 mm) high
  • Chain hoists are used to manually pull the bug screen door up and down, just like a traditional garage door

 BSD-300 In-Tube Motorized Bug Screen

  • Maximum door size: 14′ (4,627 mm) wide by 14′ (4,627 mm) high
  • The in-tube motor moves the door at a rate of 12″ (305 mm) per second and can be cycled 8 to 10 times per hour. Includes an up/down constant contact rocker switch

BSD-400 External Jackshaft Motorized Bug Screen

  • Maximum door size: 14′ (4,627 mm) wide by 14′ (4,627 mm) high
  • External jackshaft motor moves the door at a rate of 12″ (305 mm) to 24″ (610 mm) per second and can be cycled 10 to 15 times per hour. Includes a three-button station and photo eye

Mounting Styles

  • In-Jamb: Requires approximately 8.5″ (216 mm) headroom and 4.5″ (114 mm) of space on each side of the jamb
  • Face of Wall: Use when no existing door is present – can be mounted inside or outside
  • Inside Stand-Off: Mounts in front of an existing roll-up or sectional

Recommended Applications

  • Loading bays, distribution centers, and warehouses
  • Food storage and service
  • Climate-controlled facilities

Available Upgrades

  • NEMA4 upgrade

Available Options

  • Safety reversing edge
  • Pullcord station
  • Photoeye
  • Remote control